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Amis de la Paix pour le Développement Endogène « APDE asbl » in acronyms, is an association of Congolese law, philanthropic, socio-humanitarian, development, non-profit (asbl) and civil society which militates for the advent of peace, endogenous development and the well-being of disadvantaged populations in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the Provinces of the former Greater Kivu (Maniema, North Kivu and South Kivu) in Central Africa.


1.1. Legal recognition of the association


  • APDE was created in 2012. The association was registered with the provincial justice and custody division in January 2014 under registration certificate N ° JUST.112 / S-KV / 3928/2014 of 01/15/2014.


  • The association obtained its operating authorization by the provincial governor of South Kivu under the operating authorization N ° 01/364 / CAB / GOUPRO-SK / 2014 of August 18, 2014.


  • APDE is officially recognized by the Territorial Office for Rural Development of Walungu under the partnership recognition certificate No. 119 / IDR / WLG / 2015 of March 18, 2015;



  • APDE is registered with the National Ministry of Justice and Human Rights under certificate N ° F.92 / 26.120 of January 19, 2016, with a view to obtaining legal personality;


APDE is authorized to work in the territory of Walungu by the Administrator under authorization N ° 5072/076 / BUR-AT / TER-WGU / 2015 of March 18, 2015.


1.2. Location and radius of action


The association APDE is localized and carries out its actions in Central Africa, in the region of the great African lakes, in the East of DR Congo, in the province of South Kivu, with its headquarters on Avenue SOS, Nkafu district , in the commune of Kadutu, town of Bukavu, on the national road n ° 2, (RN2).


Its radius of action is the region of the former Kivu, that is to say, the provinces of South Kivu, North Kivu and that of Maniema, in particular and over the entire extent of the Democratic Republic of Congo in general.


Currently due to constraints related to resources (financial and material) APDE focuses its attention in the territory of Walungu in South Kivu, chiefdom of Ngweshe, more precisely in the Lurhala groupings

(in Kahanda - Mugogo), Karhongo / Nyangezi (in the villages of Cijingiri,

Lukananda, Mulende, Kabiganda, Karhundu, Irhaga, Mushego, Ntendera, Kahina) and the Nduba group (in Kalole and Cishumba).

In the city of Bukavu also, in Mother Kadutu commune, in the NKAFU district, APDE takes advantage of schoolchildren's holidays each time for language skills (French English), peace building and conflict transformation, electoral education and responsible citizenship.


1.3. Mission


The APDE asbl's mission is to promote peace and development in Kivu in particular and in DRCongo in general.


1.4. Social vision


APDE asbl's social vision is to relieve the suffering of vulnerable groups or people in difficult situations.


  • Promote a fair and equitable society, in a healthy environment where life is good.


Action programs / intervention areas of APDE asbl

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